Really? Craigslist? Girl…

Pop-corn hoes. Microwavable bitches. Disposable partners. You only really use these people for sex, and then throw them away.

I haven’t had much experience in the sex department, granted I’m only 15 so many would expect that I wouldn’t have, or would they? I’m facing another problem in my life right now, and that’s the idea of having sex.  Personally, I’m not really inclined to go out and penetrate any hole, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in today’s teenage society that the idea of penetrating or being penetrated is the norm.

I have friends (I use this term loosely; acquaintances?) that have resorted to using social networks to find hookups. Now, I’m just thinking to myself, if you wanted to be part of a social movement such as this one, you would find a partner which doesn’t equate to almost….. a prostitute? Generally, I’m not referring to the monetary side of things. It’s more the idea that people who use sites such as Craigslist to find sex partners are only doing it to fill some sexual void or to impress fellow homo sapiens.

My own personal opinion is if you want to feel loved, cherished or gain a boost in confidence, you should fine-tune your etiquette, go to the hair salon/barber shop, put on your best outfit and go out!  Have a nice night out, meet a genuine person, experience your sexual desires/wildest fantasies, and then bask in the aftermath. After that, you can go and tell your friends about how you met a great guy/girl and the two of you fucked ’till the sun came up. Surely you would prefer sharing that seemingly amazing story than saying “I met dis person righttttt, on craigslist yeh, and I went to their house yeh, and like I gave them oral.” Chances are, your friends will congratulate you while avoiding eye-contact because they think you’re disgusting.

“It just seems desperate and wrong”, a quote that I stole from someone within my inner circle, directed at a friend who used Snapchat to find their first sexual partner.  Now, I don’t want to bash someone who is experienced in all this because in all honesty, that’s your decision and I’m all about that peaceful and judgement free life, ya know. Most of the time.

This post is mainly directed to the VIRGINS. Yes. Virgins. Who instead of waiting for the right person, use these sites to find their ‘first’.

If you’re older, going through a dry spell, your coochie feels as though you’re harbouring cobwebs and you don’t want anything else than a simple fuck-buddy, be my guest, go right ahead and sex till you’re all dried up again (the other way). However if you’re 16 and just want to do it because your ‘bestie’ said that she gave a boy a blowjob or your best mate said that he had sex with a ‘fit bird’, then please don’t. (try not to laugh at my terrible slang vocabulary.)

I know (obviously you’re entitled to your own opinion too) that virginity isn’t a real thing, it isn’t some special moment in your life, really. It’s just a concept. We are sexual beings. But think about it, would you really prefer just being a sex object for your 53 year old friend from Craigslist, or would you prefer to wait or meet the right person?

I just can’t.

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  1. Reblogged this on wordgoddess95 and commented:
    Today’s society is getting really sad. She’s totally right with people using sites and profiles to find people to be with. Personally I’d rather meet a person on a walk or grocery shopping compared to looking at the profile picture and a machine telling me we have 9 things in common.


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