#1 The Fat Series

Yes,yes,yes, we’ve all done it. We all judge the more ‘meaty’ of the society. As a self-proclaimed ‘fat guy’ there is no denying that I, have also done it. We may not do it intentionally, or maliciously but we’ve done it.

In the era of fitness freaks, green juices and aloe vera water, the society we live in is getting more and more discriminatory against my kind. I go to school everyday and hear the word ‘fat’, and no I’m not exaggerating. Everyday. If someone asks for food, they’re fat. If they can’t run as far as the rest, they’re fat. If they don’t have a six-pack, they’re fat. I can only imagine what they call me behind my back, and surprisingly, it’s not the girls that are the gossipers nowadays. Teenage boys have an obsession with being the perfect catch. They spend more time on their hair in the mornings than girls do and use more products,you hear them talking other boys’ physical appearance rather than females.

Odd? I guess as a feminist I have one less stereotype of masculinity to cross off my list.

I’m not sure what this blog will fulfil, whether it be the outlet to voice my opinion on the insanity that I face everyday, or an safe-haven for the people who are questioning loving themselves because of what society has engrained into their minds. I guess this will even be a place for myself to draw my own conclusions, are the more ‘meaty’ people getting accepted? Or even more rejected?

But if I had one wish, I would wish that people would understand that fat doesn’t describe a person, it describes their body type. My personality isn’t fat. If I had to choose between being myself: intelligent, well-spoken, witty, and having a prosperous future in my grasp…rather than being…well.. semi-attractive with no real personality, nothing to offer the world, hardly any intelligence, and most likely have a cashier job in their future… I would choose myself.

But I know that’s not the same decision everyone would make, and that’s what needs to change.

My mum used to say one special thing, “If you’re ugly, you’re ugly. If you’re fat, you can always lose weight.” I always took this literally, but now I can finally see that ugly can be outside, or in. It doesn’t have to be taken as a insult to your character, shall we say,because to me, having no real intelligence equates to being ugly. I’m not ashamed to say that if I did lose weight, I’d be really attractive..but would that be fair to the rest? I can’t have the best of both worlds, can I?

YES. I can.


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